How to Create a Leadership Program That Develops New Managers and Enhances Your Company Culture

Blog 12 - How to Create a Leadership Program that Develops New Managers and Enhances Your Company Culture

How to Create a Leadership Program That Develops New Managers and Enhances Your Company Culture

As an HR professional, you know that successful organizations depend on strong leadership. It’s important to have a plan in place to ensure that all your managers, including your front-line leaders, have the skills and knowledge they need to effectively lead their teams. That’s why creating a leadership program for new managers is so important.
Let’s discuss how you can go about building such a program in 5 important steps.

Step 1: Identify Your Goals and Objectives

The first step in developing any program is to identify exactly what you want it to accomplish. What skills and knowledge do you want new managers to gain from this program? Are there specific processes or procedures that you want them to learn? Make sure that the objectives of the program are clear and measurable so that you can identify success at the end of the program and clearly articulate the results to stakeholders involved in the process.
When we work with organizations, we make sure we implement a pre- and post-program survey that measures progress while also capturing qualitative stories and takeaways that participants shared with us during the course of the program.

Step 2: Select Qualified Instructors

When it comes to selecting instructors for your leadership program, quality should be your top priority. Look for individuals who have experience leading successful teams and implementing effective management techniques (not just in theory but in practice!).
The best instructors will have years of industry-specific experience, as well as an ability to communicate complex concepts in an engaging way that resonates with your new leaders.

Step 3: Design an Engaging Curriculum

Your curriculum should be designed with your goals in mind. It should include topics such as communication skills, problem-solving strategies, conflict-resolution techniques, performance coaching, and other vital leadership skills. Make sure the content is relevant and actionable; it is important that participants receive practical advice they can use right away on the job. This not only helps to solidify the learning but is also a critical step in building confidence. You may also consider integrating exercises or case studies that will help bring the content alive for participants.
For example, in our new manager training program, the Leadership Accelerator, we incorporate feedback practice sessions, coaching conversations, and other group activities so participants can practice new skills in a safe environment.

Step 4: Choose a Delivery Method

The next step is to decide on a delivery method for your leadership program. Options include in-person, virtual, on-demand, coaching, and self-paced. All these options have their advantages and disadvantages. However, we strongly believe that a blended approach leads to the highest engagement and satisfaction rates and the most sustainable and longest-lasting results.
For that specific reason, the Leadership Accelerator program combines social learning and group coaching, on-demand video training, written materials, assessments, and 1-on-1 coaching.

Step 5: Evaluate Results

Once the program has been completed, it’s important to evaluate its results carefully. In addition to a post-program survey, ask participants for feedback on topics covered during the sessions and how they incorporate the insights they gathered. This kind of evaluation will let you know if changes need to be made—and if so, what kind of changes should be made—so that future programs are even more successful than the previous one was.
When it comes to developing a leadership program for new managers, having a well-thought-out plan is essential for success. By identifying your goals and objectives clearly up front, selecting qualified instructors who have experience leading successful teams, designing an engaging curriculum that focuses on actionable content and relevant topics, and evaluating results carefully post-program completion – you can create an effective management training program that truly makes a difference in developing your organization’s leaders of tomorrow!
Learn more about Archova’s new manager training program, the Leadership Accelerator, here.
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