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We offer both engaging in-person and interactive online workshops to equip your leaders and employees with the tools and skills required to address your key challenges and achieve your organizational goals in 2024!

  • Event Options: Facilitated Roundtables, Workshops, Leadership Panels, Team Development Sessions, and Offsite Facilitations 
  • Duration: 60 to 90 minutes for virtual engagements, half-day to two-day sessions for in-person engagements


Our workshops are designed to increase knowledge retention and action-taking. Ultimately, we care about delivering results that support your business objectives.

We partner with you to lighten your load, not only in preparing and facilitating the sessions, but also in follow-up email campaigns, pulse surveys, and other support as deemed helpful.

We provide customized services to address the unique needs of your employees and to incorporate the culture and values that set your organization apart.

Giving Feedback & Praise That Lands


Did you know that constructive feedback actually damages performance 33% of the time? (Kluger, DeNisi) This workshop is designed to help leaders give feedback and praise to their direct reports in a way that improves performance and fosters a positive work environment. The session will cover key principles and techniques for giving constructive feedback, including the use of specific, actionable language and the importance of timing and delivery.​

Participants will learn how to provide both positive and negative feedback in a supportive way that helps employees grow and develop. The workshop will also include a discussion of common challenges in giving feedback, such as dealing with defensiveness and providing feedback on difficult or sensitive issues. Through case studies and group activities during the workshops, participants will have the opportunity to practice giving feedback effectively as well as receiving feedback from others well.

By the end of the workshop, participants will have the increased knowledge and skills to give meaningful feedback and praise that lands.

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Coaching Skills For Managers


This workshop is designed to help leaders develop effective coaching skills to support their teams and improve individual performance and motivation. Participants will learn communication and listening skills, as well as techniques to use coaching to strengthen personal responsibility and accountability on their teams. ​

The workshop will also include discussions of common challenges in coaching, such as dealing with resistance and providing support without imposing solutions. Through practical exercises and discussions, participants will have the opportunity to apply the concepts right away.

By the end of the workshop, participants will have the knowledge and skills to effectively coach their teams and facilitate learning and growth as a result of it.

Executive Presence


This workshop is designed to help leaders develop their executive presence and project confidence and credibility in their leadership roles. The workshop will cover the three key components of executive presence: gravitas, communication, and appearance. Participants will learn how to develop each component and project a professional image.

The workshop will also include a discussion of common challenges in developing executive presence, such as dealing with nerves and adapting to different situations. Through practice sessions, and small group discussions participants will personally experience the impact of a strong Executive Presence and identify their main growth areas and unique strengths.

By the end of the workshop, participants will have the knowledge and tools to effectively develop their executive presence and, as a result, enhance their leadership influence and impact.​

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AI: Navigating AI at Work

This is more than a learning opportunity; it’s a career game-changer. Our expert-led session demystifies the world of Artificial Intelligence, offering a clear and concise breakdown of AI essentials – no tech background required. 

In this session, we’ll start by explaining AI – what are machine learning, deep learning, LLMs and all those buzzwords? Participants get the scoop on how AI works and how they can leverage it to get ahead and achieve their business objectives. Then, we’ll switch gears and show real-world examples and upcoming developments of AI tools. 

Our workshop is designed to help leaders turn AI concepts into strategic advantages, ensuring they and their teams are not just participants but frontrunners in the AI revolution.

By the end of this workshop, participants not only understand the AI talk but also see how it’s impacting workplaces and what risks and opportunities to be aware of.

Change Management: From Resistance to Results


This workshop on change management is designed to provide participants with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to navigate and lead change initiatives successfully. Through interactive exercises, group discussions, and presentations, participants will learn how to be quick to adapt to changing circumstances, effectively communicate changes to their teams, build support, and ultimately lead them through the transition.

Upon request, this session can be tailored to concentrate on the extensive changes Artificial Intelligence is set to introduce to the workforce, the broader business landscape, and the unique impact on each individual.

By the end of the workshop, participants will be better equipped to successfully manage people in an environment of change, have an improved understanding of why people resist change and have the ability to help individuals shift into acceptance and action.

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