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“Time Well Spent” is a structured 10-week program designed to help employees reduce overwhelm and stress and start using their time more intentionally.

in a Nutshell

“Time Well Spent” is a structured program designed to help employees reduce overwhelm and stress and start using their time more intentionally. Participants will develop their single trusted system so nothing falls through the cracks and no balls are dropped. Instead, they will be able to calmly integrate new information, projects and tasks into their systems and focus on what matters most.

  • Start Date: 1 February 2024, 1 September 2024 
  • Duration: 10 weeks 
  • Time Commitment: ~2h/week
  • Learning: This program is comprised of short videos combined with clear implementation steps (instructions, templates, how-to guides, etc.) to make real change, fast. The program is designed to be accessible to folks who don’t have a lot of time to spare. 
  • Weekly Group Calls: 10 weekly live Q&A calls, virtual sessions, Slack group for ad hoc support
  • Cost: USD 2,000 (team/group rates available)

Key Outcomes

A single trusted system: A completely customized system for accomplishing your tasks, projects, and larger goals, while reducing stress.

Time for YOU: Learn how to use your time intentionally, in service of your own goals and values, so that you can feel good at the end of every single day about what you accomplished.

Significantly reduced stress: Learn how to offload the mental load. Really and truly. Goodby stress-case; Hello calm, cool and collected you!

Module 1


Complete this module with a deeper understanding of yourself and your circumstances, so that you can select the strategies that will work best in your work and life.

Module 2


Build the foundation of your “single trusted system”. Drop the stress of relying on memory, and implement a sustainable system so that no balls are dropped and no details are left undone. 

Module 3


Learn how to plan realistically, based on the time we have available, and flexibly, because we have to expect the unexpected.

Module 4


Gain control of all the incoming prompts and communication, once and for all.

Module 5


From the technical to the philosophical, in the module, you’ll conquer your calendar woes, once and for all.

Module 6


Learn science-backed strategies to help ensure that the habits you’re working on stick. 

Module 7


Implement smart strategies to help you do more, in less time.

Module 8


Learn how to stay focused amid conflicting priorities or distractions.

  • 8 on-demand modules with  bite-sized videos, crystal-clear instructions, easy-to-use templates 
  • 10 live, Q&A calls to deepen the learning and discuss challenges and solutions
  • ‘Frazzled To Focused’ mini course for people working from home
  • Private, Members-Only Slack Community


You’re pulled in too many directions, always just a little behind.  Or maybe you’re waking up at night thinking about something you didn't do today, or need to do tomorrow. 

If this describes you, and you’re looking to do more and stress less, then this program is for you!


Alexis is a productivity, time-management and efficiency expert.  She spent the first 15+ years of her career managing operations and HR at several early-stage start-ups, where there was always way more to do than people to do it.  But she also believes that work-life balance is essential for everyone, even though the definition may be different for everyone.

As a result, Alexis began to develop and implement productivity systems in the companies she worked for, and in her life, to ensure that goals were met, balls were not dropped, and that, most importantly, she and those around her were feeling good.

Alexis’ productivity and time-management systems, techniques, tricks and hacks can be customized to any team or individual.  Her aim is to help you do all that you want to do, with less effort and less stress.

Alexis is also SPHR, SHRM-SCP and RCC certified.


Frequently Asked Questions

How will this program be delivered?

This is a 5-week program. Each week, you will receive access to a new training module, and we will meet bi-weekly for the 90-minute live session on a select day and time. In addition, you’ll get assignments to complete throughout the program, and the facilitator is available for ad-hoc support as and when you need it.

What if participants miss the live calls?

No problem. All calls will be recorded and made available to participants within a few hours after the live calls. 

How much time will this take each week?

Participants should expect to invest about 2 hours each week to participate in the program. This includes joining the live sessions, complete assignments and engage with weekly modules. 

What is the refund policy?

We do not offer a refund. However, if within the first 14 days the participants is unexpectedly unable to continue the program, we allow the transfer of the seat to someone else or pause the participation until they are ready to engage again.